NMIX 4110 Portfolio

Assignment 1

In Assignment 1, I used HTML and CSS to create a 3-page website. I used <div> tags to arrange the layout of the website and used a rollover effect in the side menu. This website is themed after one of my favorite conspiracy theories, The Mandela Effect! Feel free to take a look around. You might even learn some thing new!


Assignment 2

Assignment 2 built off of my initial foundation of HTML and CSS by creating a responsive six-page website using Bootstrap. Bootstrap is an open-source front-end framework used to design websites and web applications. This website is a mock travel blog and while I made it for the purposes of this assignment; I’m looking forward to starting my own some day.


Assignment 3

Assignment 3 served as my introduction to WordPress. I was tasked with creating a website using the WordPress platform. While WordPress took a little practice to get accustom to, it proved to be very fun and rewarding in the end.


Assignment 4

Assignment 4 was one of my favorite assignments this semester. I created a responsive Jukebox using Javascript and jQuery that loads both images and music dynamically. I chose songs from one of my favorite bands, Panic! At the Disco. Check it out and crank up the tunes!


Final Project

For my final project, I decided to use my new knowledge to create a personal website. I wanted a place to showcase all of my work for both myself and future employers. It’s been a long time goal of mine to expand my personal brand and this is just the beginning for me.


Other Work and Samples

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