NMIX Capstone Project

Each semester, the New Media Institute facilitates a capstone course where students of the NMI are divided into groups based on their skills and interests. They are tasked to use both their skills learned throughout previous NMI courses and skills gained from the course itself to create a product to display at the semi-annual NMI SLAM Event.

This Semester I was assigned to work on a team with four other talented individuals and we were tasked with creating a product using Apple’s new ARKit 2.0. We decided upon the name of ARcade for our group and from that moment on we knew that we wanted to create an Augmented Reality game. We wanted to make an app that was both AR native and paid homage to classic, retro video games. After much trial and error with prototype games, we eventually settled on an AR rendition of the classic video game, Brick Breaker! And with that, Brick Break-AR was born!

As previously mentioned, our project had to incorporate elements of ARKit 2.0. What is ARKit 2.0 you ask? Well, ARKit 2.0 is a feature of Apple’s Software Development Kit that allows developers to create AR applications. ARKit builds on the functionality of ARKit 1.0 and ARKit 1.5. Our project specifically utilizes the Shared Experiences and Vertical Surface Detection features!

I served as the co-creative director and developer or this project. As the co-creative director, my teammate Ulises Deras and I worked together to create the awesome trailer that you can see below among other things. I came up with the concept and played the role of the cinematographer and Ulises was the star of our film! Not only is he a talented actor, but he also edited the trailer!

As a developer on this project my main objective was to help out our lead developer in any way possible. Whether that was helping him test out a beta or learning how to make sprite sheets for unity for our app’s buttons. Making an app is hard work so I was happy to be of assistance!

My team and I will be unveiling our app on December 8, 2018 at the NMIX SLAM FALL 2018 event. Check out our website to learn more about ARcade and to learn more about our team!